Top Ways For Lead Form Optimization for Good CRO

      Lead Form Optimization

      Top Ways For Lead Form Optimization for Good CRO

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      Lead Form Optimization Top Strategies for Higher Conversion Rate

      Lead form optimization is an essential part of conversion rate optimization, it is a complex process that assist higher conversion for businesses. There are several ways to achieve higher conversion through lead form optimization, but in essence some simple actions like shortening the form and make it more mobile friendly can help a lot.

      Here are our top tips and techniques that can help you get higher conversion:

      • Form Placement. The position of the form on a landing page is very important. I can’t stress this more, be sure that the form is visible without need of scrolling or at least use call-to-action that scrolls directly to the lead form.
      • Short forms performs better. Just ask for the information that you really need. The rest can be candled by your sales team or client support. Keep the form short and you will have low abandoned rate. If it is an absolute necessity to get a lot information on first contact, try to use logical forms.
      • Simple language. Jargon and tech term are not not for everyone. Use simple words that everybody understand. The labels or placeholder on the forms should be understood by everybody. Might also use tooltips on the forms for additional help.
      • Mobile-friendly approach. It is nothing new, but nowadays majority of people are using their phones to serve the web, check the news and buy things online. Be sure that the mobile version of your website is well optimized, not just the forms but everything else.
      • Incentive, promo or freebie. Create urgency by offering limited time offers and freebies. People like this and even if you don’t make a direct sale, getting a new contact is highly valuable. Free ebook, free subscription or limited time promo often work well.
      • Clear and strong CTA. Your message needs to be clear and the same applies for the call-to-action, which in most cases is a button that lead to the form or scroll to the form, or just the button that is used to submit. It is a good idea to test few things and do A/B testing on CTA.

      First step in conversion rate optimization from lead forms is by just implementing the best practices. The form or/and Call-to-Action needs to be in the highest visible area close to the top of the page. Shorter forms perform better, this is just logic. Though there are some extra actions that needs to be applied for better lead form optimization and here are our top picks:

      Progressive Profiling or Step by Step Approach

      Progressive profiling is a nice and “soft” approach. By getting information needed in smaller part, for instance – you get name and email, then on the first email, you ask for interest, then you make an offer, etc… If a visitor comes for first time on your website, most certainly they hesitate giving up a lot of personal information, that’s why shorter lead forms tight up with progressive profiling is a winning solution.

      Form with Conditional Logic

      Conditional forms allows you to show or hide form fields based on the answers that visitors provide to previous dropdown or check box. This visually reduced the form length and shows only question related to the person’s interest. Ideally you should use short form without many logical fields, but if there is no other choice and it is absolutely necessary to have longer forms use conditional forms.

      Analyze and Optimize Forms on Regular Basis

      Conversion rate optimization is not a one time activity. Always keep a good track on your forms and heatmaps. It is good idea to do short time test with A/B testing on new lead forms and this included different placements, different labels as well as different call-to-action.

      Lead form optimization is not a single action, it requires knowing and understanding your audience, as well as continues testing, analysis and small tweaks. By applying the above tips, most certainly you will be able to get more leads from your advertising campaigns and organic traffic.

      If you are looking to improve your conversion rates, do not hesitate to contact us.

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